Motherhood Update | Hoda at 15 Months

Motherhood Update | Hoda at 15 Months

Hoda just turned 15 months and I still can’t believe how fast time is flying, literally flying! I’m soaking in every small moment, every tantrum and every little hug and kiss.


The most heartwarming thing she does

This is such a fun age and Hoda is starting to do the most funniest and sweetest things ever! She has started blowing kisses using both her hands when her daddy goes to work or when she wants to say bye to her grandparents. She also started this squint smile where she squints her eyes and nose and gives a big smile when she knows she did something good.

Latest biggest milestone

Hoda is walking! The day she turned 14 months is the day she took her first few steps. Ever since then we’ve been chasing her around the house. She also just cut through 8 teeth!

Her favorite activity

Her favorite thing to do at the moment is sit in her Radio Flyer bike and make us take her outside. Hoda loves being outdoors. She gets super excited when she sees the neighbors’ kids outside playing


Does she say any words?

She still hasn’t said Mama yet but she does call her baba “Dada.” (rolling my eyes) She also says ‘shoes,’ ‘diaper,’ ‘trash,’ and she refers to her blanket as ‘Tata’

Nap situation

Hoda used to take 2 naps a day a couple months back but now we are down to one 3 hour nap on a good day. I try to fit as many activities as we can during the morning hours so she can sleep well by the afternoon giving me a few hours to do whatever I want. We usually go on a mother- daughter coffee run and a few play dates with friends in the morning and then chill at home in the afternoon/evenings.

Daddy’s girl or Mama’s

Obviously a Daddy’s girl! As soon as she hears the door knob turning she literally drops everything and runs to the door. As soon as Shehab enters the door she yells ‘Dada.’ It’s the cutest thing and definitely the most annoying thing considering I’m the one that gives her all the attention lol. I guess all girls are just daddy’s girls.

Her favorite toy

Hoda is obsessed with her stuffed Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. She wants to take it with her everywhere she goes. First thing she does after we bring her downstairs in the morning is find her stuffed toys and walk around with them. If she’s eating her breakfast on the highchair, she wants them to sit with her.


Biggest challenge I’m facing as a mother currently

Last time I mentioned how making sure I always have cooked food in the house for Hoda was a challenge, well it still is. I do cook somedays but there a few things we make that Hoda can’t eat yet so it’s always a struggle making sure there is something for her. She likes to feed herself so I can’t feed her soupy things as much. She would much rather prefer finger foods. Another challenge is finding ways to teach her new things. Hoda at this age I feel is just soaking in things like a sponge. I want to make sure she is learning as many useful things as she can. I’ve started religiously making an effort to read her books before bed or to teach her hand signals for when she wants something such as food or milk.

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